The Reserve at Timberlands - Dallas, GA

Located in the heart of Dallas, Georgia, The Reserve at Timberlands is a peaceful community that takes pride in its tight-knit environment and charming architecture. However, the community has faced a significant challenge for too long: outdated sign systems. The existing units, which had been in place for 15 years, no longer matched the community's modern look or met the local government’s requirements for reflectivity.

Addresses of Distinction recognized the need and stepped in to provide the Reserve at Timberlands with a solution. By upgrading the sign systems, Addresses of Distinction enhanced the community’s visual appeal and improved safety for both residents and visitors. The new signs are customized to preserve the community’s unique identity, serving as functional markers and reflections of the neighborhood's character.



Specific Issues

Thin, aging metal posts were bent and leaning.

The existing metal municipal sign posts were bent, worn out, and no longer matched the community’s modern aesthetic.

Reflective signs were not up to current safety standards.

The 15-year-old signs were overdue for a modern upgrade. The expired reflectivity posed a potential safety hazard for drivers navigating the neighborhood at night when visibility is lower.




The sturdy and attractive Estate System.

Addresses of Distinction provided a comprehensive solution by replacing the thin metal poles with sturdier alternatives from the Estate Sign System. The new sign systems include sturdy, aesthetically pleasing 4” square posts with a coordinating base and an optional concrete collar. Aluminum backers and Princeton caps finish the look.

An MUTCD-compliant sign upgrade.

The new sign systems feature High Intensity Prismatic reflective signs - a modern, MUTCD-compliant upgrade that improves safety in the community by providing enhanced visibility in inclement weather and low light conditions.

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