Installing Your Mailbox

Below we have included a video of our installation team installing a decorative aluminum mailbox in a local community.

Also, please find detailed instructions and materials required below the video. We have also included detailed illustrations for mailbox post burial and mailbox assembly.

Feel free to contact us with additional questions.

Video Instructions

Tools And Supplies Needed

– Shovel
– Post Hole Digger ($20 at hardware store)
– Water
– 60lb Bag of Quikcrete brand concrete
– Measure Device
– Tarp / Old Sheet (optional)
– Level

Follow These Steps

1) Remove the existing mailbox. Begin by working the mailbox from side to side then front to back to loosen the dirt around the post. Depending on the condition and amount of concrete used in the previous installation you may have to dig around the post using a normal shovel. Pull the mailbox out of the hole and set it aside. Now you are ready to begin digging the hole for your new mailbox.

2) Chose the location for your new mailbox. Typically the homeowner will want to install the new mailbox in the same location as the old one. However sometimes moving the mailbox to the side by 12 to 18 inches can make digging the new hole much easier because you avoid the concrete from the previous installation. Postal regulations require that the front of the mailbox be located 4 to 8 inches from the curb / street.

3) Determine the required depth of the hole for your new mailbox by calculating the amount of post that will be buried. When installed the height of your mailbox should be 41 and 45 inches from the street to the bottom of the mailbox to meet postal regulations.

4) Begin digging a round shaped hole for your new mailbox using the post hole diggers. We recommend laying a tarp or sheet on the ground that can be used to collect the dirt from your new hole. This will make the cleanup much easier. The diameter of the hole should be approximately 10-12 inches. Continue digging until you reach the correct depth based on you calculations in step 3.

5) When the new hole is completed insert the new mailbox post into the hole so that it is centered. Confirm that the height of the mailbox will still be between 41 and 45 inches from the street level.

6) Begin pouring dry concrete mix into the hole making sure to equally distribute it around the post. After pouring about 1/3 of the concrete into the hole apply the level to the mailbox post and adjust accordingly so that it is level in all directions. Use a stick to poke the concrete mix so that all air pockets are filled. Apply another 1/3 bag of mix into the whole and repeat the leveling, adjusting and poking procedures. At this time apply a small amount of water to the concrete mix in the hole (approximately 5 cups). The concrete will eventually absorb moisture from the ground and fully cure, but adding a little water will help speed up this process. Apply concrete until the concrete is about 5 inches below ground level. Repeat the leveling, adjusting and poking procedures. Add another 5 cups of water to the concrete mix in the hole and allow it to soak into the mix.

7) Fill the hole to ground level using the dirt from digging the hole. The concrete will begin setting within an hour and will completely cure in a few days.