The Reserve at Old Atlanta - Suwanee, GA

Suwanee, Georgia is part of an upscale residential corridor just north of Atlanta. There, you will find gorgeous, sprawling subdivisions, including The Reserve at Old Atlanta. In addition to large, impressive homes, this prestigiously gated community is chocked full of amenities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and more than 36 acres of natural, open space. Real estate in the Suwanee area is wonderfully appreciating, and that’s certainly true about the homes at The Reserve. Unfortunately, one aspect of the beautiful neighborhood was working against the escalating value.



Specific Issues

The original street signs were a real negative.

The original, county-issued street and traffic signs of The Reserve at Old Atlanta were aging and deteriorating. Even when brand new, the signs were basic and unattractive, certainly below the caliber of this fine community.

The signs were faded, which could actually be a danger.

Traffic and street signs are designed with reflectivity, allowing them to be more visible at night. With time, this reflectivity fades making the sign harder to read. The Reserve’s aging signage was not only harmful to the beauty of the streetscapes, but it could also pose a danger to visitors and residents.




Experienced signage experts were called.

The Property Manager of The Reserve at Old Atlanta had noticed how another community was lifted by safe and shiny new signage so he called the company that made it happen: Addresses of Distinction. Along with a neighborhood board member, the Property Manager worked with a professional from the company to replace the old signage and select a new design that would be visually unifying and enhance the lovely streetscapes.

New decorative street signs from the Charleston Collection were installed.

The team settled on signage from Addresses of Distinction’s classy and stylish Charleston Collection. Each sign has a sleek, three-inch post ending with an embellished base. On top, each signpost is finished with a classic, welcoming Pineapple finial.

A choice of real value.

The Reserve at Old Atlanta was wise to upgrade the signage to enhance the value of the neighborhood. They also were right to choose signage professionals with deep experience and a proven track record of impeccable service, Addresses of Distinction. They both turned out to be choices of great value.

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