The Manor - Jefferson, GA

The Manor in Jefferson, Georgia was formerly known as “The Manor Equestrian Estates.” This nomenclature was highly accurate, seeing as the magnificent homes in the community are set on huge parcels of land, some nearing three acres! This makes for a wide-open, roomy lifestyle and one that will accommodate so much…swimming pools, tennis courts, even horses!

The development is stunningly beautiful and one of the only gated (read: private and safe!) communities in the whole county. It offers families serenity, beauty, convenience (located just off Interstate I-85) and highly rated schools. The one thing the neighborhood was lacking was street signs. The original developer never installed ANY.



Specific Issues

No signs? Not a good sign.

The Manor’s board of directors realized the absence of signage was not only an aesthetic issue, but it was also a safety hazard. Organized, well-flowing street plans need speed limit markers, stop signs and directional posts.

A need for traffic…and visuals…to flow.

Although The Manor had no street signs, there were stylish, carefully selected lampposts and mailboxes in place. It was a priority for the board members that the necessary new markers not only blend in, but enhance the neighborhood’s overall look.




The right angle. The right company.

The Manor’s board took the lead of several longtime residents, and called in Addresses of Distinction, one of the Southeast’s premiere signage and mailbox companies. The neighbors had rave reviews of previously working with the company and were more than happy with the finished products. The current mailboxes, as well as the existing streetlights, had square posts and an angular design.

A happy ending and happy neighbors.

Addresses of Distinction installed signs from the Estates Collection, the only series offering similar, square, black posts. The project was completed easily and without a hitch. The president of the neighborhood’s board followed up with a very flattering email:

“I really like the new signs! I have received only good comments from the neighbors. Addresses of Distinction was a pleasure to work with!”

Addresses of Distinction was thrilled to offer this fine, sprawling community a huge, beautiful upgrade. And one that made A LOT of difference.

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