Spencer's Mill

This lovely, amenity-rich neighborhood is located in the popular Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia. Spencer’s Mill residents enjoy a very accessible location and some of the best schools in the state.

Built more than twenty years ago, the traditional and European architecture of Spencer’s Mill’s beautiful homes has stood the test of time. But the traffic signs on the community’s streets didn’t fare as well. The signs were aged and weathered. But what’s even more important, they weren’t up to the current codes.



Specific Issues

No longer up to the high standards of the neighborhood.

The stop signs and speed limit signs in Spencer’s Mill were the original markers installed by the county back in 1999. They were fairly plain to begin with and the decades of wear and tear didn’t make them any more attractive.

Not in compliance.

While the signs remained the same, the codes set by the state had changed. The Georgia DOT provides mandatory guidance for traffic signs: There is a requirement for size, reflectivity and breakaway capacity, which for safety reasons, is sometimes updated. This expertise wasn’t something Spencer’s Mill HOA possessed. Nor did they care to!




The decades-old signage needed decades-old experience.

The Spencer’s Mill HOA received a trusted recommendation for a company they could trust: Addresses of Distinction. For more than 20 years, Addresses of Distinction has built a reputation for quick, quality installations and signs that not only enhanced the streetscapes but effortlessly (read—maintenance free!) last for years.

Their compliance knowledge was also a snap.

Addresses of Distinction has completed hundreds of traffic sign installations so they are completely knowledgeable about the state’s requirements. At Spencer’s Mill, as in all the company’s projects, they carefully followed all the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) guidelines.

A fast solution that received quick praise.

The new traffic signs were successfully and expediently installed. Recalls Austin Edwards, Addresses of Distinction’s head of Business Development, “After they initially contacted us, the project started quickly. And the project finished quickly. It may have been one of the smoothest installations ever.” He adds, “The HOA was just thrilled. And they were thrilled it was all done so fast!” Addresses of Distinction delivered with the kind of speed that made all of Spencer’s Mill very happy.

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