Rose Creek - Woodstock, GA

Three decades ago, Cherokee County (about 30 miles from Atlanta) was considered a far-off land, home mostly to greenery and wildlife. But recent highways have connected the area to the city, making it wildly popular to both residential developers and businesses. And here, on this still beautiful, but now bustling property, sits the community of Rose Creek. Rose Creek offers spacious, affordable homes and a host of amenities making it a favorite of both real estate folks and families. While the demand for the neighborhood is high, one thing was not keeping up with the wonderful popularity. The signage of the neighborhood was in shambles and hurting the attractive Rose Creek streetscapes.



Specific Issues

The original street signs were in poor condition—rusted and unstable.

The street and traffic signs of Rose Creek were the original, county-issued markers. They weren’t all that attractive when they were new, much less after decades of wear and tear.

The signs were made of flimsy materials.

When first installed, the original Rose Creek signs may have been constructed of top-grade materials…for that time. The sign industry has come a long way since and has learned that the quality standards from the past just didn’t deliver lasting quality.




Clean, classic signage was installed.

The Property Manager of Rose Creek called in her go-to sign and mailbox company, Addresses of Distinction. The company was one of the Property Manager’s “preferred vendors” and had successfully delivered for her in numerous other projects. She knew, whatever the challenge, Rose Creek’s needs would be met.

The Avenues Sign System was installed on the avenues (streets and circles!) of Rose Creek.

Like the growing Woodstock area, Addresses of Distinction’s Avenues Collection is very much in demand. The posts have a simple, traditional design accented by a rich and royal-looking fluted base. The entire sign, face, posts, and hardware, are all made with today’s most durable, weather-proof materials.

A choice that resulted in rave reviews.

The residents of Rose Creek were pleased with the Addresses of Distinction signage upgrade, as was the property manager. She was so impressed, she posted an unsolicited, flattering Google review:

“We did a large project with street signs and everything went great and the signs look awesome! Thank you again!”

In turn, Addresses of Distinction wants to thank Rose Creek for their trust and for allowing us to prove our quality and uncompromising service once again.

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