Mizner Court Manor Homes - Jacksonville, FL

This beautiful subdivision is located near Jacksonville, Florida. There are 64 homes with varied balanced architecture.  What wasn’t so eye-pleasing about the neighborhood, was the variety of mailboxes—each home had installed its own choice of design. And many were weathered and in poor condition.  This really damaged the curb appeal of these residences, some of which were priced at a half million dollars.



Specific Issues

The mailboxes of the community were very inconsistent.

None of the mailbox designs in Mizner Court matched, which really made for non-cohesive streetscapes. The property manager noticed that a surrounding community had recently installed uniform mailboxes and it highly elevated the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

Many of the mailboxes were old, rusted, and in disrepair.

The tattered mailboxes really distracted from the beauty of the homes. Especially at this high price point, Mizner Court deserved an upgrade.




New, durable, and attractive mailboxes.

The property manager learned that Addresses of Distinction had completed the neighboring installation so she called to have them also transform Mizner Court.  The talented design experts of the company recommended mailboxes from the popular Charleston System.  With sturdy bases and posts, each topped off with a classic pineapple finial, the new mailboxes immediately--and beautifully--unified Mizner’s streets.

Quality that will last..

The day all the Mizner Court mailboxes were installed, the neighborhood was aesthetically upgraded.  And because Addresses of Distinction uses such high-quality, damage-resistant materials, it will be a look for the community that will endure.

A reputable company.

Addresses of Distinction is well-respected in the industry, especially by our customers.  And it’s wonderful when our clients spread the word, as was the case for Mizner Court Manor Homes.   This time, the recommendation for Addresses of Distinction, came in the mail!

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