Lavsita Townhomes - Decatur, GA

This beautiful collection of 49 townhomes happens to sit in one of the most desirable locations in all of Metro Atlanta: Decatur, Georgia. The suburban city is truly unique with great accessibility, a charming blend of new and old architecture, tree-lined streets, and some of Atlanta’s best walk-to entertainment. Offering so much, it’s no surprise that the real estate in the area is highly competitive. And while the homes of Lavista themselves were well-maintained and the landscaping was beautifully lush and mature, another aspect of the neighborhood hadn’t aged so gracefully: the amenity and directional signs were dated and dilapidated.



Specific Issues

Years had taken a toll on the original signage.

Few things can keep their integrity in the scorching Georgia sun and the old signage of Lavista Townhomes was a testament to that. The signs were faded, damaged, and quite frankly, some were falling down.

The overall look was not cohesive.

Like much of Decatur, Lavista Townhomes was an older neighborhood (est. 1974) and signage was added piecemeal over time. There was very little consistency of either material or design.




Clean, fresh, weather-resistant signs were installed.

A single resident of Lavista Townhomes took it upon herself to address the signage problem. She rallied the other homeowners and they all agreed to call in Addresses of Distinction to make the upgrade. They needed hanging signs and single- and double-posted signs of various heights. Head of Business Development, Austin Edwards, worked with the residents extensively to make sure they got the improvement they needed.

The streets of Lavista Townhomes were adorned with classic Avenues designs.

The decorative signs chosen were from the Avenues design series. The collection is simple, timeless, and sleek. The posts are smooth and accented nicely by a three-inch ball finial on top. Best of all, the signs will be weather-proof and sturdy as they are all constructed with stainless steel hardware and a durable powder coating.

A sign of confidence.

The residents were extremely happy with the outcome and were impressed by the speed and professionalism displayed by the Addresses of Distinction team. The company brought 80,000 installations of experience to the project so the residents felt there were thousands of reasons they had made the right choice.

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