Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind - St. Augustine, FL

This remarkable specialty school is set, quite beautifully, in St. Augustine, Florida. The 1,000+ students enjoy an expansive campus with century-old trees and classic architecture. But what hadn’t passed the test of time was the important signage on the property: most of it was weathered and rusted. FSDB confidently called in Addresses of Distinction to upgrade all the signs and give the school the proud, stately appearance it deserved.



Specific Issues

Worn, eroded signage.

The landscape of the campus was marred by weather-beaten signs throughout.

There was no consistency to the signs.

The street signs and informational signs had different poles and color palettes. It made the multi-building, multi-street campus feel somewhat disjointed.




New, clean signage made of the highest quality, most damage-resistant materials.

Addresses of Distinction installed a total of 125 signs FSDB campus, all made with top-grade, weather-resistant aluminum so they will last for years, if not decades, to come.

The cohesive look of the campus is enhanced by the consistent posts and designs.

The beautiful campus looks even more attractive with the addition of similar sign posts, finishes, and finials.

A knowledgeable and helpful company.

FSDB was extremely happy with their choice of Addresses of Distinction.  They knew the company had a long reputation for delivering excellence and was wonderfully helpful with guidance about issues of legal compliance which was necessary for some of the regulatory signs involved.  All in all, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind project scored a resounding A+.

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