Cedar Pointe - Upatoi, GA

Cedar Pointe is a welcoming community located in Upatoi, Georgia which is just outside the city of Columbus on the western edge of the state. It is a thriving and popular area with scenic riverside terrain, many restaurants, and abundant family-friendly entertainment.

Back in 2016, a Cedar Pointe’s Homeowner’s Board member contacted Addresses of Distinction to install street signs. They chose the world-class company because they were known for quality products and highly dependable service. But they were also known for their flexibility in meeting communities’ specific needs. And as it happened, this particular project had some unique parameters.



Specific Issues

Much signage was needed, but so was a bigger budget.

Cedar Pointe’s Board was well aware that street signs AND traffic signs were necessary for the aesthetics and safety of the community. But the budget of the then-new neighborhood couldn’t accommodate both.

The signage would need to be installed in phases.

Cedar Pointe wanted the initial installation to be street signs. Traffic signs would come later down the road, so to speak. But there was a risk in structuring the project this way: when it was time (and in budget!) to complete the installation years later, would they be able to match the designs of the existing street signs? Would the installation company still be in business?




Flexibility and timeless designs.

As the Southeast’s largest provider of residential street signs and mailboxes, Addresses of Distinction was again ready for the call and recently completed Cedar Pointe’s signage project with superior products from the same design series installed nearly a decade ago. The community board originally chose street signs from the popular Avenues Collection. The company was able to exactly match the smooth-walled fluted signposts and the weather-resistant powder-coat finishes.

Ageless excellence.

Durable, easy-to-read traffic signs were installed in Cedar Pointe by Addresses of Distinction. The new markers matched the existing signs perfectly - signs that showed minimal aging due to the top-grade materials used in their construction. The project completion gave Cedar Pointe the safety and cohesive appearance worthy of the beautiful neighborhood. And because of the lasting quality of Addresses of Distinction’s products, the residents of the neighborhood will enjoy this valuable upgrade for decades to come.

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