Brookstone - Acworth, GA

There are neighborhoods and then there are neighborhoods.

Brookstone Golf and Country Club, set just 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is one of these stand-out, exceptional communities that is truly “mega” in many respects. Brookstone is home to a spectacular 18-hole golf course, a host of spoiling amenities and even its own shopping center with grocery stores and restaurants. It’s almost like a destination unto itself: The 1,600 families who reside there don’t have to travel far to bask in a wonderful, resort-like lifestyle.

There is very little the master-planned community doesn’t offer. Except, until recently, up-to-date signage. That’s why Addresses of Distinction had a “big number” of important things to add.



Specific Issues

The original signs were barely standing.

The existing signage had been up for decades and some of it wasn’t up at all. Says, Austin Edwards, Addresses of Distinction’s head of Business Development and project lead, “The traffic and street signs at Brookstone were in pretty rough shape.”

Wood would be the cause of the deterioration.

Brookstone’s original signage was made from wood and finished with white paint; NOT the best combo to withstand the brutal Georgia heat and sun. Wood will rot and mold over time. Paint will chip and fade. The south’s weather conditions only exacerbated the materials’ decline. The many signs of Brookstone were in need of replacement, not just repair.




Addresses of Distinction installed BIG quality.

Addresses of Distinction’s design team partnered with Brookstone’s property manager and chose street signs from the popular Regency Collection. This series features classic, fluted posts made of rust-free aluminum and topped with a tough-as-nails black powder coating. This construction assures that the signs…and their beauty…will last for years to come.

An expert at large. And small!

Addresses of Distinction is known for installing quality and excellent service, no matter what the size of the project. But Brookstone’s property manager called the company in for the replacement, knowing they had the manpower and capacity to do the job right. Adds, Mr. Edwards, “It was one of the largest installations we’ve ever done. We replaced 259 signs!”

Brookstone Golf and Country Club is a huge neighborhood with hugely high standards. Addresses of Distinction was able to complete the signage project with mammoth success.

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