Austin's Creek - Newnan, GA

This intimate, wooded neighborhood is comprised of less than 30 residences. But there is nothing “small” about the homes themselves. The four-sided brick structures are decidedly elegant and offer as many as seven bedrooms. They range anywhere from 4,500 to 7,500 square feet, yet they’re reasonably priced. All of these factors make this this Newnan, Georgia community perfect for growing families.

While Austin’s Creek is beautifully upscale (possibly one of the finest in the area!) the signage in the neighborhood was not up to the high standards. Luckily, the Homeowner’s Association recognized that the dilapidated signs were bringing down the overall curb appeal.



Specific Issues

The “original” problem.

The neighborhood broke ground back in 2011 and that was when most of the initial, county-issued signs were installed. The signs weren’t decorative or attractive. They were also mismatched for an overall non-cohesive look.

Signs of aging.

Since the original markers were standing for more than a decade, they displayed the expected wear-and-tear. The strong Georgia sun had faded many. The poles, too, had experienced plenty of “weathering.” Due to the punishing elements, some were no longer firmly anchored in place.




A “Distinctive” match, that truly matched!

Because many residents had previously called in the reputable Addresses of Distinction to replace individual mailboxes, the HOA took their lead (and history of satisfaction!) and contacted the company for a whole-neighborhood overhaul. The experienced and talented designers worked with the board members to select a signage system that complemented the existing street lighting. The Avenues Collection, with its classic round poles with a polished, black finish, perfectly fit the bill…and fit the neighborhood’s upscale standards.

In review, a beautiful success!

Austin’s Creek’s fresh, shiny new signage was installed in just one day. It got an immediate, positive reaction from the homeowners and that led to an unsolicited and impressive Google Review:

“We are very pleased with our recent neighborhood sign upgrade! The neighbors have commented on how the new signs have made a marked improvement in curb appeal in our neighborhood and match our streetlights so well. The whole account team was great to work with. They guided us through the sales process and were patient with our HOA as we worked through the details and project approval.”

Addresses of Distinction puts 100% into every job of every size. Austin’s Creek may not have been the largest of projects, but their dazzling review meant an ENORMOUS amount to our team.

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