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This page has all the information you need to purchase your new mailbox system, approved by the Greenleaves Community community. The newly approved system is one of our Georgetown System (MB 8 with Knob, Ball Finial, 3" Post, Plate 8, Charleston Bracket, Fluted Base, 2" Gold Vinyl Numbers Tnr or Avenues System (Standard MB, Ball Finial, 2" Gold Vinyl Numbers TNR. Your new mailbox system will be shipped directly to you, installation from Addresses of Distinction is not available for this product. 

October 1 - December 31, 2022
The Avenues Mailbox System - Standard: $274.95
The Georgetown Mailbox System: $383.36

*Price includes shipping. Installation NOT included.
**After promotional period ALL prices are subject to change


-WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR MY NEW MAILBOX? The special, discount price for Greenleaves Community is stated above. The prices do not include tax.

-WHEN WILL MY MAILBOX BE SHIPPED? Our typical lead time is 10-12 business days 

-DO YOU OFFER A WARRANTY? Yes. We warranty all of our products against manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year. Click this link for more info.

-HOW DO I ASSEMBLE MY MAILBOX? Click Here is the instruction sheet on how to assemble.


-Not only will new mailboxes increase the overall curb appeal of the community, but a survey of real estate agents have shown that a standardized mailbox design can increase the value of your home by up to 7% when combined with the new street signs.  The mailbox is one of the first impressions of the property.  A clean and classy look will instill confidence in an agent to market a property at a higher value, as well as give a good first impression to potential buyers. The standardization also puts an expectation on each homeowner to provide adequate upkeep of their mailbox which in turn will protect home values within the community.

-The new mailboxes will be very low maintenance.  They are constructed with rust free aluminum components with the exception of the box which will be made from a stainless steel.  All components have a rich black powder coated finish using the same quality of powder that companies like John Deere, Caterpillar, and other industrial tractor companies use.  This coating seals the product and keeps water and other elements out.  This means all that is required is a simple cleaning once or twice a year to keep your investment looking great.

Please contact our support team by phone at (770) 436-6198, email at support@aodmailboxes.com, or text at (770) 334-9302 with any questions or special requests regarding your mailbox.

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