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Estate Street Signs

The Estate Collection is the only series that offers a square post. The post is a 4 inch square post with a 6 inch square decorative base. This series comes complete with a stop sign along with a decorative stop sign backer offering a rich look to the sign. The Estate Collection comes with two 9 inch by 36 inch street blades and two 9 by 36 inch street blade frames. The top of the post includes a ball finial to complement the square post. This collection also includes a stop sign along with a optional black stop sign backer plate that is 1/8 inch aluminum, adding a rich and royal look to the post. A concrete collar option is available to protect the base from lawn equipment. All products meet the most recent Department of Transportation requirements for reflectiveness. All posts engineered and designed for direct burial as one piece from the top of the post, all the way into the ground for easier installation.

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