Centennial Homeowner’s Association Mailbox Replacement Project – Peachtree City, GA

Centennial Homeowners’ Association decided to change all the mailboxes in their Peachtree City community at one time which immediately increased the curb appeal of the community. The overarching goal was to eliminate the ongoing maintenance required of wooden mailbox systems.

Addresses of Distinction replaced the 265 existing mailboxes in the community with the Charleston Mailbox System featuring a large size mailbox, a Corinthian base, and 2″ brass numbers. Installations were done over a 2-3 week period with very little inconvenience to the members of the community.



Specific Issues

Existing Wooden Posts

Rotting issues at joints of mailboxes and posts at ground level was a major problem. The mailboxes were taking away from curb appeal and property value.

Chipped Paint

The type of paint used on the mailbox systems was low quality. It was not durable and long lasting.

Poor Quality

At the end of these systems’ life cycles the wood became weathered and needed to be replaced.




Zero Maintenance Products

By choosing aluminum mailbox posts, the homeowners will not experience their mailbox posts rotting.

Super Durable Powder Coated Finish

Polyester based powder coated finish was used on these systems. This is the same type of powder coating that is used on industrial equipment and outdoor furniture.

Established Company

Products are backed by our company and they are built to last.Our build and installation teams are highly trained craftsmen who handle your new mailboxes with care.

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