Swimming Pool Rules

Swimming Pool Rules

With summer here and the kids anxious to get out and swim, we are also reminded of the importance of following the rules when it comes to keeping safe by the pool. This means that following Georgia swimming pool rules and pool rule signs in general is one that is needed in order to avoid unfortunately accidents that could lead to injury or worse.

The official Georgia swimming pool rules are rather succinct in form and direct in nature so that there is no confusion. Children as well as adults need the timely reminders of pool rules signs in order to keep on the safe side. What follows are the pool, water slide and spa for the State of Georgia.

The Official Georgia Swimming Pool Rules & Water Slide Rules

– Children are prohibited from using pool without an adult in attendance.
– Unattended solo bathing is prohibited.
– Bathers should take a cleaning shower, with warm water and soap, before entering the pool and before returning to the pool following the use of the toilet.
– Visitors and spectators shall be kept separate from spaces used by bathers.
– No food, drink, bottles or wrappers are permitted in the immediate area of the swimming pool or the decks surrounding the swimming pool.
– Persons having infectious or communicable disease are not permitted in the pool. Persons with open blisters are warned of infection and not advised to use the pool.
– No running, boisterous behavior or rough play, except supervised water sports is permitted in the pool enclosures, dressing rooms, shower rooms or other areas
– Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, etc. in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
– Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the pool or on the pool premises.
– No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping in flumes or tunnels.
– No diving from flume at any time.
– Only one person at a time on the water slide
– Keep hands inside the flume
– Leave the landing pool promptly while exiting the slide
– Never use this slide when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
– Never form chains unless authorized by slide manager or by posted instructions.
– Obey instructions of top pool supervisor and lifeguard at all times.

Spa Rules

In such cases where no attendant service is provided, a warning sign shall be placed in clear view and shall state in clearly legible letters at least four (4) inches high “Warning – No Attendant on Duty”. In addition, the sign shall also state, “Children shall not use the spa without an adult in attendance.” Unattended solo bathing is prohibited. Limit use periods to fifteen (15) minutes or less. Persons taking medications for health conditions and pregnant women should consult a physician before using the spa.

Such signs are not only important, but must be posted for all swim areas where applicable by law. For your neighborhood pool, water slide and spa, Addresses of Distinction can create a customized sign which can incorporate the name of your neighborhood, logo and other items as well. Having a customized Georgia Swimming Pool Rules and Pool Rules Signs can add distinction as well as safety to your neighborhood pool.

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