Wyndham Townhomes - Milton, GA

This stately, elegant gathering of 288 townhomes has an enviable location in Milton, Georgia. Milton is not only known for its sprawling equestrian estates and luxurious homes, it is also one of the wealthiest cities (per household) in the state. That said, you can imagine the area’s aesthetics are pristine. While Wyndham Townhomes’ architecture very much lives up to these high-class standards, the community’s signage was falling behind.



Specific Issues

The original signs were decades old.

Wyndham’s signs were tattered and aged. Some were so weathered, they weren’t even sitting upright.

The signage was inconsistent, even chaotic in places.

Because the signs were installed by various individuals and from different sign sources over the years, they were at times randomly grouped on a single pole. It made it hard to follow the messaging and looked haphazard and unprofessional.




Easy-to-read, uniformly attractive signs were installed.

The president of the Homeowners’ Association recognized the signage was not up to the upscale area’s standards so he called in the southeast’s best source for custom signage: Addresses of Distinction. The President teamed up with Austin Edwards, head of the company’s business development, to solve the problem.

Signs from the popular Avenues Collection fit the neighborhood and the budget.

Sturdy, durable and smart-looking signs from Addresses of Distinction’s Avenues Collection were selected for the Wyndham community. Not only did this wise choice provide a first class and elegant appearance, they will maintain this beauty for years to come. The top-grade aluminum posts with protective black powder coatings are durable and require virtually no maintenance.

More excellence to come.

The residents of Wyndham Townhomes were very impressed with the new Addresses of Distinction signage. The Homeowner’s President said this project got more of a positive response than anything done previously. Austin Edwards says, “They were so happy with the results, they decided to have us come back and replace all the signs in the neighborhood.” Addresses of Distinction is proud to return to Wyndham Townhomes for some repeat success.

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