Paces West Townhomes - Buckhead, GA

This gorgeous, tree-filled community of 82 stunning townhomes sits in one of the most enviable areas of Atlanta: the Buckhead district. Buckhead is known for its best-in-the-city eateries, luxury shopping and ultimate convenience. It even has a rich past, home to many historic structures including the famed, 30-room Governor’s Mansion set on 18 glorious acres. It makes sense that as part of this high-end geography, Paces West continually seeks to maintain its stature and value. And to do so, the HOA recognized that the neighborhood’s signage was not keeping up with the area’s standards. The street signs and other general messaging markers were very much in need of an upgrade.



Specific Issues

Finding the right home was somewhat confusing.

Navigating through the community was always a bit of a challenge. The street names were legible, but finding the correct entrance or house number wasn’t easy. That made it difficult for visitors and deliveries to end up in the right place.

Dated, weathered conditions.

Although much of Buckhead is steeped in prideful history, the signage in Paces West didn’t appear proud, just aged.




A unique situation that required a “Distinctive” solution.

Quite frankly, this was a project that called not just expertise, but creativity, as well. Paces West’s HOA Vice President, Lynn Doble, recognized this and immediately recognized the answer when she literally walked into one of the main offices of Addresses of Distinction. After an in-person discussion about the community’s slightly unusual needs, she knew she could count on the company’s experience and innovation to get the job done. And done with class.

Something old became something new.

Charles Perry, Field Manager at Addresses of Distinction, jumped right on the job. He designed fresh new signage with polished black backgrounds and crisp, reflective, white type. The shiny finish of each post and sign was consistent throughout the neighborhood and harmonized with the existing black iron fencing that surrounds the property. To make the street signs as directive as possible, he added hanging placards under each sign that identified the house numbers located on that particular street. It was a unique feature, but one that was so effective, Addresses of Distinction plans on offering the option to customers in the future.

A solution that more than satisfied.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and successfully. The community was so impressed, the HOA VP wrote a flattering Google Review. Lynn Doble wrote, in part:

The new signs look great! Fantastic job! Thank you so much for the help! The expertise was amazing. Coming up with great ideas solved a problem for us as a community and was invaluable!

The end solution was a “different” one, but the quality and excellence was exactly what was expected. Paces West was over-the-top elated. And Addresses of Distinction was proud to serve.

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