Options for Decorative Street Signs

Options for Decorative Street Signs

Address of Distinction has a wide variety of bases and poles to choose from in our online store. This means that you can find the right combination of style and colors that works best for your street sign needs. Plus, the bases and poles have a powdered aluminum coating that protects them from oxidation which causes rust. Using decorative options can enhance the look and durability of your sign as well. The pole, which can be a smooth round, fluted round, or square fits into the base and is secured so that it holds up against the elements and high winds that otherwise would tilt or blow it down.

Decorative Options

In addition to the base and pole, you can also choose from different decorations to enhance the look and presentation of your street sign. Every little bit helps when you are trying to attract the attention of people passing by.

Finial: A finial is the decorative cap at the top of the post. While all the basic models come with a plain finial, you can choose a more decorative one that tops your sign with either a ball or pineapple styles that make your street sign distinctive.

Backers: These are covers that give your street sign a finished appearance. Available in powder coated aluminum, a more budget friendly vinyl or a recessed backer that covers the sides of the sign, backers will make your sign look more permanent.

Frames: These are added to the blades which can display the name of the street. Frames use powder coated aluminum as well and come in three decorative options, standard, hanging or scroll. The scroll comes in either Providence or Landmark design to best fit your needs.

Logos: Add your logo to the street side either on the blade or a separate logo paddle which extends from the backside of the pole.


You can choose to upgrade your street sign if you want a more permanent presence. This will add to the durability and impact that the sign will present to the public.

Concrete Collar: This is a protective ring installed at the base of the sign itself and protects it from lawn mowing or landscaping equipment. Many people ask why a concrete collar is advantageous, when the sign bases are already powder coated with the highest quality powder coating. Think about your car’s paint. Auto body paint is one of the most durable finishings, since cars are exposed to all elements and a nice paint job on a car can last for years, but would you attack it once a week with a weed whacker? Would you expect it to hold up under those conditions? Plus, the collar will last a very long time while protecting the integrity of the structure of the sign.

Support Channel: On rounded poles, the support channel reinforces the attachment to the sign and keeps the assembly from rocking back and forth in the wind. Rocking will loosen the sign over time while the support channel keeps it in place.

Adding decorative options and upgrades will help the overall appearance and durability of your street sign which means less maintenance and a more effective display over time.

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