Why aluminum?

Why aluminum?

Metal has been used for decades in the construction of mailboxes and street signs. In fact, most common metals have many things in common such as they can be melted, casted, rolled and formed into different types of parts or sections to create larger objects. From tiny figurines to large ships, metals are used on a daily basis to construct all sorts of products.

However, there are certain differences between metals as well which make some more suited for particular needs over others. Copper for example is used in pipes, but steel is often used in buildings because their properties are such that each type of product benefits from being constructed by a particular metal.
When it comes to structures like signs and mailboxes for example which are outside and exposed to the elements, aluminum has proven to be the right choice for many different reasons.

The Advantages of Aluminum

Of all the basic, affordable metals that we use on a daily basis, aluminum offers several advantages over their counterparts. For those who want to purchase signs or cast aluminum mailboxes it offer the best advantages for your needs.

Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum is unlike many of its metal counterparts in that it actually generates an oxide coating that protects it from corrosions. When covered in paint, anodizing or lacquering that protection is increased considerably. This means that aluminum is perfect for being exposed to the elements because the rust that often consumes other metals will not bother aluminum when it is properly treated.

Lightweight: Aluminum is roughly 1/3rd the weight of steel, yet it is a very strong metal that works quite well for signage and mailboxes. While steel is better for holding up heavy structures, aluminum is perfect for smaller items that require durability and toughness.

Reflective: In addition to being lightweight and durable, aluminum is also one of the best reflective metals as well. This means that aluminum is not as subject to getting hot under sunlight and will reflect sunlight for greater visibility. When it comes to good signage, being visible is vital for marketing.

Non-Toxic: Aluminum is odorless, impermeable and is non-toxic which makes it safe for the environment. This is one reason why aluminum is so readily used in creating so many different products including packaging material. However, for signage and mailboxes aluminum will not corrode, give off an offending smell or represent any danger to the public.

Recyclable: If your aluminum sign or mailbox should eventually need to be replaced, the metal itself is 100% recyclable. This means that for those who are environmentally conscious, investing in an aluminum sign or mailbox means that the material will be used long after its services are needed.

For those who are looking at getting signage or a mailbox, the advantages of aluminum include being lightweight, durable, long lasting, highly rust resistant and ultimately recyclable. For those who need the best in signage and cast aluminum mailboxes, it is the answer when it comes to using the best materials in construction.

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