A Newcomer’s First Impression of your Community

A Newcomer’s First Impression of your Community

What is it about your community that brings in residents? Is the entrance well maintained and attractive? What do the homes look like from the outsider’s perspective?  Is the signage fresh and painted? Is someone keeping track of the upkeep of public facilities such as parks and pool areas? Do you have proper message boards to notify members of events, etc? Message boards are very important within a community.

How a new owner is greeted and made aware of the services in your community is very important. This is where message boards come into play. If you buy message boards for your community it will raise the value for the members tremendously. Message boards can be used for the community calendar of events that might take place at the clubhouse, showing who the board members are, and instruction for residents on where can they make their HOA assessment payments. These are all very important uses for message boards in communities.

How do you let members know when and where board meetings are? Do you post a notice in advance? Is it held in a place where people could actually come and observe the Board in action? These are some other factors to consider for your community. Make sure to consider all of these factors when choosing your message boards, as each community has their own needs and it is a smart idea to implement a plan to stick to year round so your residents know where to look for pertinent information.

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