Lake Deerfield - Alpharetta, GA

This tucked-away townhome community in accessible Alpharetta, Georgia is just an ecological delight. There are abundant trees, expansive green areas, nature trails, and not one, but two tranquil lakes. The ambiance is appealing. The brick townhomes are stunning. But what was not living up to all the picturesque beauty was the community signage. It was old, weathered and it diminished the attractiveness of the area.



Specific Issues

The original signs were nearly 20 years old.

A lot can happen in nearly two decades' time, like harsh weather, damage, and rust. That’s why the signage of Lake Deerfield very much looked its age.

The signs were county-grade quality and design.

Most of Lake Deerfield’s signage was mounted on unattractive, bare metal poles. And what made it even more unsightly was the signs had no cohesive design. They were of varying heights and colors, which produced a very disjointed landscape.




New rust-free, durable signage was installed atop classic and stately posts.

A Lake Deerfield board member called in Addresses of Distinction. The team chose the extremely popular Avenues Post System for all signage, upgrading the quality and consistency throughout the neighborhood.

Natural beauty.

More than 30 signs were replaced with black, powder-coated, all-metal post construction that will stand up to weather, rust, and age. The signs were designed with uniform fonts and many had a nature-friendly green background to blend nicely with the surroundings.

Deep expertise. Durable quality.

Sign installation requires more than good skills, materials, and hardware. With street signs, it is extremely important to meet the strict MUTCD requirements. Addresses of Distinction Street knows them all and takes care of that for each specific installation. (They vary from state to state and county to county!) Lake Deerfield was very aware of Addresses of Distinction’s expertise. The results were not only beautiful, they were beautifully easy.

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