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High Density Urethane Signs

Every day we pass by signs that are made from all types of material. From wood to metal to the new high density urethane, there are a number of materials that are used which have their benefits and issues.

While metal signs certainly have their uses and are highly popular in certain areas, such as real estate signs, wood tends to be the dominant material that is used. There are certainly reasons why wood is a popular choice, however, there are disadvantages to using wood that makes it less than desirable when creating a sign.

The Disadvantages of Using Wood for Signage

Maintenance: Arguably the biggest disadvantage of wood signs is that they need to be properly maintained year after year in order to keep up their appearance. Maintenance means additional expense that must be allocated otherwise it will start to fall apart quickly.

Durability: Wooden signs do look good for the first few years and then they quickly start to fall apart unless properly maintained. This is because the sun, the elements and temperature changes affects the internal wood structure as the paint starts to peel, cracks form and the wood itself starts breaking apart.

Rot: Even the best treated wood will rot over time thanks to a combination of water, sunlight and age. This means that your wooden sign is going to have to be replaced sooner or later and quite often it is sooner than you want.

However, high density urethane or HDU signs do offer special advantages that are having more people choose this material than ever before.

The Benefits of High Density Urethane

There are a number of advantages that can be gained by going with HDU signs over metal and especially wood. This is because of the unique properties that high density urethane brings to the art of signs in terms of its appearance, durability and flexibility.

Durability: HDU sings are formulated not to peel, warp or crack even under the brightest sunlight and hottest outdoor temperatures. Unlike wood, HDU signs are 100% waterproof and highly resistant to the elements.

Variable Thickness: HDU signs are available in thicknesses ranging from ½” to 12” which means that you can create large, multi-dimensional signs that offer a greater depth of field and can utilize granite posts or artificial bricks.

Lightweight: High density urethane comes in 10, 15 and 18 lbs. which make them easier to maneuver while still being very tough and resistant to the elements.

Overall, the advantages of high density urethane are what make HDU signs so impressive, long lasting and affordable for your needs over other materials. Check out the prices, service and designs that you can utilizing by using high density urethane over wood for your sign.

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